The Ladies Almanack de Daviel Shy
d’après The Lady Almanack de Djuna Barnes

with Hélène Cixous/ Hélène Cixous - Eileen Myles/ Monique Wittig - Josefin Granqvist/Djuna Barnes - Guinevere Turner/ Liane de Pougy - Terry Castle /Gertrude Stein - Natacha Soltz/ Colette - Brie Roland/Natalie Barney - Deborah Bright/ Radclyffe Hall - Caitlin Baucom/ Renée Vivien - Fannie Sosa /Mimi Franchetti - Brenna Kail/Mina Loy - Jackie Wang /Lucie Delarue - Mardrus Slaveya Minkova/ Dolly Wilde - Merci Michel/ Lily Gramont - Wanda Rivière/ Una Troubrodge - Jessica Weinstein/ Esther Murphy - LeCiel/ Janet Flanner Audio Jack/Thelma Wood - Nessa Norich/ Romaine Brooks - Magalie Guérin/ Berthe Cleyrergue - Charlotte Potot/ Sylvia Beach - Soa De Muse/ Arthur Cravan - Bernadette Schwegel/ Joella Loy - Leslie Cuyjet/ Solita Solano - Elesa Rosasco/ Luce Irigiray - Vicky Lim/Nadine Hwang - Alexia Morinaux/ Young Bellhop

The film is a kaleidoscopic tribute to women’s writing through the friendships, jealousies, flirtations and publishing woes of female authors and artists in 1920’s Paris.
When Djuna Barnes arrives in Paris in 1926, she becomes enmeshed in the literary salon of Natalie Clifford Barney, an American heiress who does not believe in God or monogamy. Natalie becomes the central character in Barnes’ novel, The Ladies Almanack, the story-within-the story. Natalie’s is a world where friendship reigns supreme while romances and jealousies between rivals come and go. The Almanack is a liberated narrative, where time slides backward and forward and surreal sequences illustrate the entanglements of Paris’s finest authors and artists. The film explores what it means to write as a woman, to make a mark and to exist in defiance. Welcome to the lush lesbian landscape that gave rise to some of literature’s most treasured writing.

Hometown Preview: The Museum of Contemporary Art,
Chicago 2017 Outfest, Los Angeles, USA
Some Prefer Cake Bologna Lesbian Film Festival, ITALY
Queer City Cinema, CANADA
Florence Queer Film Festival, ITALY
Colors: Cinema + Diversity, BRAZIL
Chéries-Chéris, festival du film LGBTQ+ de Paris, FRANCE
For Rainbow - Festival of Cinema and Culture of Sexual Diversity,
BRAZIL 2018 Logcinema Art Films Festival, Pomona, USA
Bangalore Queer Film Festival, Bangalore, INDIA (Closing Night Feature)
In Front of Us Film Series, Marfa, USA
The Roxie Cinema, San Francisco, USA